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Careers at Zuellig family foundation

This position is under the ZFF unit called Partnerships Unit which is focused on building partnerships, policies and coalition with external funders and other organizations. The Partnerships Associate oversees the development and implementation of partnership strategy through development of proposals and establish partnering relationships, oversee coordination and liaison of networks in support of the Foundation’s goals towards a collective impact approach. The Associate will work with the Partnerships Director and the Deputy Executive Director for Partnerships, specifically on developing strategies, projects and programs with the private sector, and liaising with private and business sector, and civil society organizations, and networks. The Associate is expected to facilitate partnership discussions with potential and existing partners from the private sector, and negotiate recommendations and action points among partners.
Partnerships Associate
This position is under the ZFF’s partnership program called BARMMHealth which is focused on family planning and sexual and reproductive health. The Learning and Development Associate is responsible for planning, designing, developing, piloting and managing training products of BARMMHealth and other ASRH and nutrition projects in BARMM. The associate is responsible for gathering and analyzing training and development needs, translating them into training products or programs anchored on program goals or performance objectives and in compliance to institutional product development protocols/processes. The associate facilitates pilot-testing of developed designs and materials and necessary iterations based from quality assurance feedback and findings. The associate also functions as Training Resource Person and Manager, as needed, during actual runs of ZFF modules and workshops.
Learning and Development Associate
The Project Associate is responsible for the implementation of the project activities in the Province of Basilan and five municipalities in the province. The associate will ensure creation and functionality of the local implementation team for the RPRH Law at the provincial and municipal level. The associate will directly engage, coach, and monitor the provincial and municipal teams in the implementation of their provincial and municipal strategy and contribution to the achievement of outcomes for reproductive health. The associate will coach provincial and municipal health teams or facilitate coaching sessions with the local chief executives and local councils with a senior coach/ technical consultant. The associate will represent the project team in project activities, workshops and meetings with the provincial and municipal health teams . The associate will work closely with the Project Manager to ensure consistent and effective monitoring and evaluation of the project implementation, harvesting and dissemination of project lessons and experiences, and timely submission of project reports. The associate will assist the Learning and Development Associate in the capability building programs at the provincial and municipal level.
Project Associate | ASRH

Our Team at work

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ZFF Staff retreat 2020

October 19, 2020

The retreat became an opportunity to express feelings, observations, aspirations about life, work and support, both from management and from each other. Responses on influencing others to be supportive were more about communicating positive behavior and participation in the recalibration of mental models, systems, structures, and policies to build a more resilient culture in the organization.