About Us


Office of the Chairman

  • Roberto R. Romulo (Chairman)
  • Melanie Reyes (Executive Assistant)

Office of the President

  • Ernesto D. Garilao (President)
  • Austere Panadero (Executive Vice President)
  • Ramon Derige (Vice President)
  • Anthony Faraon, M.D. (Vice President)
  • Jessie Pascua (Executive Associate to the President)

Support Group

  • Wesley Villanueva (Director)
  • Ulysis Borais (Finance Manager)
  • Maricar Tolosa (Corporate Communications Manager)

ZFF Institute for Health Leadership

  • Heidee Buenaventura, M.D. (Associate Director)
  • Ellen Medina, M.D. (Manager)


  • Dorie Balanoba, M.D. (Director)
  • Catherine Chung, M.D. (Director)
  • Angeli Comia, M.D. (Manager)
  • Jeremiah Calderon, M.D. (Manager)
  • Jerry Jose (Manager)
  • Jescir Cresencio (Manager)
  • Joyce Viar, M.D. (Manager)
  • Anjelica Nacnac, M.D. (Manager)
  • Jenny Macaraan (Manager)
  • Melisa Domingo (Manager)
  • Jenilyn Dabu, M.D. (Manager)
  • Axell Alterado, R.N. (Manager)
  • Kathrinna Legaspi, R.N. (Manager)

Partnerships, Policies, and Coalition Building

  • Sealdi Gonzales (Associate Director)

Knowledge Management

  • Jo Banzon (Director)