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Careers at Zuellig family foundation

Under the supervision of the Finance Associate, the Finance Assistant handles the finance functions of Zuellig Family Foundation. The functions include: • financial controls, • financial information and reporting, • compliance to audit and government regulations.
Finance Assistant
The Finance Associate oversees the processing of all payments including vendor invoices, individual reimbursements, and other accounts payable, and researches discrepancies as required. Moreover, the function includes financial controls, financial information and reporting, compliance to audit and government regulations.
Finance Associate
The Monitoring & Evaluation Expert will coordinate activities related to TCI’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) initiatives, including data collection, analysis, reporting and stakeholder engagement, and will provide expertise in survey design and implementation. The expert will conduct surveys, M&E analysis, M&E management and integration of data into learning processes. The expert will use statistical analysis software (Stata, SPSS, SAS or R) and proficiency with tools for electronic data collection (SurveyCTO and other ODK variants).
Monitoring and Evaluation Expert
The City Associate will coordinate activities related to TCI’s project implementation, including monitoring, training, coaching, mentoring with city level stakeholders, and will provide expertise in project implementation of TCI. The associates will directly engage, coach, and monitor city teams in the implementation of their city strategy and contribution to the achievement of outcomes for reproductive health. The city technical lead should have experience in working with government stakeholders and implementing ZFF’s leadership and governance programs with the specific goal of improving the city health systems for teen pregnancy reduction. The associate will represent TCI in project activities, workshops and meetings with the city health teams and POPCOM regional offices. The associate will coach city health teams, population office staff or facilitate coaching sessions with the mayor and local council with a senior coach/ technical consultant.
Project Associate | ASRH

Our Team at work

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ZFF Staff retreat 2020

October 19, 2020

The retreat became an opportunity to express feelings, observations, aspirations about life, work and support, both from management and from each other. Responses on influencing others to be supportive were more about communicating positive behavior and participation in the recalibration of mental models, systems, structures, and policies to build a more resilient culture in the organization.