Bridging Leadership for Resilient Health System


The Bridging Leadership for Resilient Health System introduces a leadership approach to facilitate an integrated and responsive system that ensures healthcare services, ensures business, livelihood continuity, and socio-economic safety nets for the people both in normal and crisis situations. It will equip leaders with the needed leadership and management skills to respond to the new normal applying the processes of Ownership, Co-Ownership and Co-creation. Learners will also be introduced to the needed knowledge, skills and attitude expected to solve complex challenges such as crisis and health emergencies leading to a more resilient and sustainable health system able to provide healthcare for all.


Staff completing the module at the highest level of achievement should be able to:

  1. Reflect on their role and needed leadership response in the implementation of a resilient health system to improve health outcomes;
  2. Assess system strengths, gaps, and readiness to ensure services in any crisis, health emergency, or system disruption;
  3. Describe a clear vision and direction in ensuring results and outcomes at any given situation;
  4. Use different trust-building mechanisms to establish relationships and connections with critical stakeholders;
  5. Create a concrete plan of action anchored on what the people and communities need and what the system needs to deliver.


  • Local Chief Executives
  • Provincial and Municipal Health Officers
  • Managers of Health Programs
  • Development Workers in Health, Nutrition, and Local Governance ZFF Staff


1 to 3 Days

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