Systems Thinking for Health Leaders


The new era of Universal Health Care is the new reality in public health – a reality that is uncertain, very complex, unclear and will encounter changes along the way. Leaders are now challenged to a higher level of critical thinking and a new way of doing to be successful in addressing this new reality. Systems Thinking for Health Leaders is an introduction to systems thinking tools, processes and methodologies that can help in creating a new health system that intentionally provides for its intricate needs and effectively address its persistent problems. Through a three-day workshop with guided application of the tools and processes in real-life situations, it aims to develop in the participants a way of thinking about the forces and interrelationships that will enable them to successfully shape the behavior of their health systems.


Participants completing the workshop at the highest level of achievement shall be able to:

  1. Recognize the behavior of recurring problems and the structures that govern them;
  2. Identify causal loops and common system archetypes;
  3. Recognize mental models that govern one’s perceptions and decisions;
  4. Develop high leverage sustainable solutions that go beyond addressing singular causes;
  5. Apply systems thinking tools to real workplace issues


The Zuellig Family Foundation Institute for Health Leadership is offering the following courses and programs for interested organizations and agencies that want to enrol their key leaders and managers in continuing public health leadership and development programs. Ideal participants include unit heads, program managers, public health professionals, and development workers. A maximum of 25 participants will be allowed per class to ensure a productive learning environment.


  • Thinking Strategically on Health Inequities
  • Problem Solving and Decision-Making on Health
  • Leading Change
  • Leading Multiple Stakeholders
  • Championing and Sustaining Social Innovations
  • Project Management


Available upon request


May 21-23, 2019


  • Systems and How They Behave

  • The Systems Thinking Iceberg

  • System Thinking Process and Tools

  • The Habits of a Systems Thinker

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