Our Programs

ZFF’s interventions include public health leadership formation programs, advocacy activities, partnerships, and disaster assistance to help improve the country’s health outcomes.

Public Health Leadership Formation

The core of Zuellig Family Foundation’s health leadership training for public health officers is to help them understand the complexities of the healthcare system, realize their roles in existing challenges, and collaborate with others to address them. The programs underscore the importance of health leadership and governance in establishing and sustaining pro-poor healthcare systems and policies.

Program, Resource and Academic Partners

Public Health Advocacy

Zuellig Family Foundation documents its learnings and experiences in program implementation and funds research studies on program innovations, effectiveness, and its effects on local government units (LGUs). ZFF then creates public health advocacy activities to share their information, promote health programs and policies, and learn about upcoming health developments.

Community Disaster Response Program

Zuellig Family Foundation provides assistance to communities who have suffered from natural or man-made disasters. Through the Community Disaster Response Program, the Foundation distributes relief packs, accepts donations from its resource partners, and works with leaders of affected areas for direct and immediate relief distribution.